Monday, August 30, 2010

Keep or Return?

While at Home Depot looking at stains this weekend I wandered into their rug area and noticed that the rug that I’ve been coveting for a year was on clearance.  Since they were all out of the 5x8 except for the floor model, I was given the floor model for the clearance price plus an additional 10% off (it was hanging on the top shelf so all it needed was to get rid of the small divots from the clamps that were holding it up).

I bought it with the intention of using it in the office but I’m not so sure I like it in my home.

Before: Plain, beige 5x7 rug from Home Depot

IMG_3851 IMG_3853 After: Soft, patterned beige rug 5x8 from Home Depot


IMG_3856 I wish they made rugs in 6x7 size since that would be perfect for this room’s layout.  I am not in love with it in this orientation so I tried it this way too:

IMG_3858 I’m not sold.  I love, love, love this rug but I think it may be too formal for my house…or at least this room.  Thoughts?


  1. they both look good in the space, but i love how the new rug adds some visual interest!! esp. since there aren't many other patterns in there. it doesn't seem overly formal to me!

  2. i love it! i think it works perfect

  3. I like the new rug, especially in its second orientation.

  4. I like it best the second way.

  5. I LOVE the 2nd rug in the 2nd orientation. I don't think it's too formal, it 'dresses up' the room nicely!!!


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