Thursday, August 5, 2010

Looking for a Deal?

I recently came across an article from Consumer Reports that tells you when to buy big-ticket items.  Before shopping, check out the list below:

shopping-cart Cars – August and September when dealers are clearing inventory to make room for new-model-year cars.

Gas grills – September through December

Lawn mowers - October

Furniture (indoor) – February

Furniture (outdoor) – July starts the end-of-season sales

Appliances – December and January

Tools – June

TVs, DVD players and Blu-ray players – March

MP3 players and digital cameras – March

GPS devices – November

Computers – April, June, October and January (the end of each financial quarter)

Exercise equipment – January

Bicycles - November

Athletic shoes and apparel – May

Winter coats – October

Are any of you in the market for any big-ticket items?

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