Monday, August 9, 2010

Simple Fixes: Registers

The register in my bathroom has been painted over a 1000 times it seems and no matter how hard I try I cannot get the vents to move.  I’m not much of an AC person to begin with since I love to have windows open (but the heat downstate makes that impossible in the summer) but I really don’t like ice cold air blowing on my toes when I’m using the bathroom.

To fix the issue I simply bought a pack of magnetic vent covers from Home Depot for less than $5 for three. I cut a notch at the top so that the vent lever would fit and voila – problem solved.

IMG_3730 Of course I could try to remove the old register and buy a new one but did you read, it has a thousand layers of paint on it and the screws that hold it into place.  I think the next owners of the house can deal with that issue.


  1. We removed our paint-caked registers and soaked them in something to get all the paint off (don't remember exactly what - maybe Draino?) And then we spray painted them. They look like new!

    Didn't know they made magnetic vent covers - sure did the trick for you!



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