Friday, September 3, 2010

Entry Revamp

The dining room entry to my house needed a little revamping.  I was in the project state of mind this past weekend so I tackled a couple of projects for this space.

First, I had a coat hook hanging that I bought at Pier 1 years ago.  When I first decorated the house I used a lot of red but I’ve been slowly replacing red with my favorite color – blue.  With the blue plate wall and the blue hued shelves in the dining room, this rack just didn’t fit in anymore.
IMG_3800 In the vein of saving some cash, I decided to look around the house to see what hooks I had that I may be able to swap out.  There is a rail of 6 hooks leading to the basement so I decided to hang the colorful hooks there…
IMG_3920…and hang the chrome hook rail in the dining room.  The rail was originally a dark brown but I thought it clashed with the room so I gave it a couple of coats of gloss white spray paint and called it a day.
IMG_3924Back in 2009 I hung a shelf made of brackets I had and a white shelf by the back door to place my purse on when I entered the house so that I’d keep it off the dining room table (see pic above). This worked well but when I hang longer coats on the hooks above it, the purse gets in the way.  I also have a basket under the shelf that I place shoes in when I enter the house and I didn’t like the messy look of the basket just sitting on the floor.

I decided to look for a small bench or table at thrift stores that I could revamp to add to the space.  I found the perfect table at the Salvation Army for $10.  I hated the color but loved the spindle legs, height and size of the table. Plus you really couldn’t beat the price!
IMG_3907 I debated what color to paint the table – my standby white? black? branch out and do something unexpected? I went to Home Depot to grab some supplies:
IMG_3909 Thanks to bloggers I read about the Zinsser 1.2.3 primer that allows you to prime ANY surface without sanding.  Since I did not want to sand those legs, I decided this primer was the way to go.  I also picked up a sample of Martha Steward Living paint in Aegean Blue and the Preval Sprayer.  This aerosol sprayer allows you to turn any paint into spray paint! I don’t really like painting with brushes since I hate brushstrokes so I thought I’d give this product a spin. It only set me back $5 but it is reusable and you can buy additional aerosol cans for $3 at the HD. 

I first primed the table with the Zinsser primer.  This stuff went on easily and dried to the touch very quickly. It is water based so if you wanted to cover stains you should probably go with an oil-based primer but this worked great for my needs. Next, I painted the table with my MS paint using the Preval sprayer. You simply thin the paint as directed (4:1) with water and then spray.  It took quite a few sprays before the paint came out of the sprayer – I’m not sure what I did wrong since I thinned it as directed and I only used 5 oz of fluid (it holds up to 8 I think). However, once it started spraying this baby was so easy to use!
IMG_3914IMG_3915 The table adds a nice touch of unexpected color to the space (the table, chairs and storage cabinet are all black).  I was initially worried that a table would take up too much floor space but as you can see, it perfectly fits around the shoe basket and it doesn’t interfere with the flow of the room.
So that’s how I revamped my entry space to the house in a weekend.  Have you painted any furniture a fun color instead of black or white?


  1. thank you for the post -- what great timing. I am tackling the painting of a cheap Target dresser this weekend (color is a natural birch color and I either want white or perhaps a very pale pink) -- and if it works well, I may go nuts and paint the crib and the ikea storage unit to boot! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  2. Good luck! I'd love to see pictures of the before and after!

  3. I love the bench - great find. It's so nice to have a space like this. Love that Zinsser (and Kilz totally does the same thing), too.

    I pretty much always go black and white. I tried to paint an end table green. It's alright, but I think it will go back to white at the next house. =) Any paint is better than honey oak, I say. My poor father disagrees. He mourns with each piece of honey oak I cover.

  4. Smokin' deal on that gorgeous little table and it turned out perfect for your space. Love the aerosol paint can ... ingenious! I've brush painted a couple of little antique end tables beige but that's it.


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