Monday, September 13, 2010

Lighten the Kitchen

A couple of years ago I transformed old red Martha Stewart curtains into simple curtains for the kitchen.  I simply cut the old curtains to size and hemmed the edges. The curtains are hung on simple rods using curtain clips. These curtains worked great for a while but I’m moving away from red decor so I decided to give my windows a facelift.

IMG_3141 IMG_3121

I had some extra linen lying around so I decided why not make white curtains since all the curtains in every other room of my house are white.  I simply cut the linen to size, lined the back with some old white sheets (cheaper than blackout fabric since it was FREE and I had it lying around) and again sewed the edges for a clean finish.  I then decided to attach a black ribbon on three edges to give them a little more detail. 

IMG_3891 The black and white crisscross ribbon was attached using fusible webbing. I love that stuff since it requires only an iron! 

IMG_3895 The room is so much brighter with the white curtains and I like the update they made to the kitchen. The last thing I want to do in here is get a new floor installed.

Has anyone else made curtains lately?  These are by far my favorite since they are simply hung with curtain clips – you don’t have to make pockets or tabs, which require more skills than I have on the sewing machine.

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