Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Hue

I previously discussed wanting to paint the back wall of the built-in shelving in the dining room so that my collection of white dishes (mostly milk glass) would really pop.  Here’s the shelves in their all-white glory:

IMG_3237 I originally thought I'd paint the back wall the same light beige as the kitchen but I didn’t like it when I put a few brush strokes of that color on the wall.  I then decided that it would be fun to use an unexpected color so I combined the blue from my bedroom with some white (2:1) to get a customized color that I adore.

IMG_3865 The white dishes really pop now. Let’s take a closer look at the shelves, shall we.

IMG_3869 IMG_3870IMG_3871 This weekend I hit up my local thrift store and came home with a couple new milk glass compotes (the two on the left), the silver basket (for $1.50!) and a silver holder for my mail (not pictured).

IMG_3873 IMG_3875 I love this basket.  It is real silver and was badly tarnished.  I bought a container of silver cream from ACE Hardware and polished it right up.  Not bad for $1.50!  The basket on the bottom shelf is a new purchase as well from Michael’s ($10 – they had 40% off all baskets this past week) that holds my dining room linens.

This was part 1 of my dining room revamp from this weekend.  I actually changed a few things in this room since I was bored and a little tired of the old look. Stay tuned for the other changes!


  1. lots of nice buys!
    New follower...would love to have you follow back!

  2. I love the blue background, and especially the subtlety of the color - just enough.

  3. Love your shelf ... I have a few of the same milk glass pieces. I did a post about my collection in July.


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