Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nixing the Scratching

Sami has not been declawed so she has full use of all of her nails.  She has a scratching box that she uses daily (see how I decorated it here) but she has also taken to clawing the side of my couch.  Now, while the couch may not be my style anymore, it was quite expensive and I don’t have any plans to get a new one anytime soon (although that doesn’t stop me from looking at couches online).  Something had to be done!

While in the pet aisle at Target I found SmartyKat Scratch Not tape.  Basically this is double-sided tape that you apply to your furniture and it keeps your cat from scratching it.  It claims that it is easy to apply and remove so I figured it was worth a shot. IMG_3848Step 1: Investigate the torn areas and removed any fabric pulls.

IMG_3844Step 2: Cut tape to size and press onto couch.  It was hard to get the tape to stick to my couch – I’m not sure if it is the fabric or what but it took some hard pressing.

IMG_3849 Step 3: Remove the white backing of the tape.

IMG_3850 That’s it.  Sami noticed that something was on the couch so she didn’t even try to scratch it but I kept bumping into the tape and it would stick to my legs, my pants, even my arm when I was playing with Sami.  The tape lasted about a week.  I’m thinking I may just try regular clear packing tape to see if it works. Apparently cats don’t like the feel of the sticky tape on their feet but I’m assuming she won’t like the feel of clear tape either.  I need to find a solution before my couch gets ruined any more than it already is!

Has anyone else tried this?  Did it work for you?


  1. We had a cat who ruined one couch, so we waited until she was declawed to get our new couch. Then she got hit by a car, and now our new kitten is not declawed. Back to square one! Right now our remedy is keeping her in the basement most of the time. Not ideal.

  2. Maybe you could try pinning some clear plastic (or a plastic grocery bag) to that area for a week or two. If your kitty can't get the "claw feel" she wants from the couch, she may forget after a while that the used to like to scratch it.

  3. Keep a spray bottle of water near the couch and when she attempts to scratch it, spray her with the water. Cats generally don't like that and it may teach her not to go near it again.

  4. my bf is manager at a pet store and they have A BUNCH of sprays and stuff to help maybe try that? but i deff would go with the spray bottle otherwise, call me heartless but you live in my home- you obey by my rules and not destroy things (my mom said i didnt catch on to this rule at all as a teen lol)

  5. I might need to try something on the bottom of the baby's crib -- I can't get them to stay out of there when the mattress is raised up!!!

    I've also heard that cats despise tin foil, might want to try putting some of that up for a bit until she is distracted to someplace else ....


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