Friday, September 10, 2010

Review: Steam Shot Part 2

I’m back with part two of my review of the Bissell Steam Shot. I previously mentioned that the fine folks over at CSN stores offered me a chance to review any product from their stores.  Go here for my first review for the kitchen and windows.

I kept forgetting not to clean the showerhead in the bathroom so this review took a while to complete.  After a few weeks of not cleaning the showerhead it looked like this:

IMG_3926 Yes, I showered with the water buildup on the shower head like that.  You’re welcome. I tried using just the spray nozzle at first.  It cleaned some of the water buildup but not much:

IMG_3932I then tried one of the scrubbing brush heads.  Much better:

IMG_3934I also tried to clean soap scum (okay with scrubbing brush head) and some mildew (fail all around).  I hated that you had to keep stopping to wait for the unit to produce more steam so if I was attempting to clean the entire shower with this I would have been frustrated and switched back to my normal cleaners (wait, that is exactly what I did).

Overall verdict: I can see how this unit would be a great garment steamer, window cleaner and even sanitizer but I think it comes up short in actually cleaning your home. The brushes do not last long at all – check out the bathroom brush after only cleaning a few small areas:

IMG_3937 I wish I saved the box so I could return this item but sadly I didn’t.  Save your money and buy the Shark steamer if you want a steamer for your home.  My Mom recently bought one and said that it does an amazing job cleaning the walls, cabinets and bathroom. 

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