Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wrapping it up

In February of 2009 I revamped my dining room cabinet by adding wrapping paper to the back wall of the unit for color and interest.  I’ve gotten tired of the flower background and decided to swap it out. 

IMG_0633If you remember I used double-sided scrapbooking tape (non-permanent) so I was able to easily remove the paper and the tape from the cabinet without damaging the back wall.  I started by adding new tape around the outside edges of the cabinet.

IMG_3898 I then measured and cut my wrapping paper and attached it to the tape.

IMG_3899 The last step was to replace the shelves and add items back to the shelves.

IMG_3901 **sorry for the picture quality but with the sheen of the stripes and the light from outside it was hard to get good pics**

That’s it.  This project took about 10 minutes and cost me $3 for the roll of paper (of which I have a lot left over for actually wrapping presents).  I like the new subtle stripes and I think they fit in better with the new direction of the room vs. the old flowers.

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  1. What a clever idea and how fun that you can change it out often and inexpensively. Fun for the holidays!


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