Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Do You See What I See?

I made a small change to the living room while I decide what to do with the walls.  I had an appointment at the Apple store to have my iPod Touch looked at and since I was a few minutes early I thought I’d stop quickly into Anthropologie since it is across the hall in my mall.  I left with a little something for my living room.  Do you see them in the pic below?

IMG_3994 If you guessed the butterflies you are right!  When I’m lying on the couch I can see my purchase perfectly.

IMG_3989These butterflies are cut out of china saucers and are so sweet and delicate that I had to have them.  I’m not normally a big butterfly person but I loved the pattern on them. These were in the catalog this summer but I never saw them in my local store nor could I ever find them on their website so I completely forgot about them.  However, I found these in the clearance section at my local store marked down from $25 each to $8 each. 

IMG_3992 Have you bought anything home-related at Anthropologie lately?  I am incredibly lucky with their clearance section, which is good because I can’t afford anything at its regular price!


  1. The butterflies look sweet! I really like the paint color in your living room. What is the brand and color if I might ask?


  2. Hi Barbara! The color is Indian Painting by Glidden. I loved it so much that I painted the dining room the same color (and contemplated painting the office as well)!


  3. like the previous comment... I love the color and little butterflies in the corner-add's just enough interest to area.


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