Monday, October 25, 2010

No Soliciting!

Recently I was out-of-town for a week.  I stopped my mail, set my lights on a timer, and did everything you can so that people aren’t alerted that you are not home.  I only wish the people who leave fliers on your porch had cooperated.  I came home to ten – count them ten - fliers on my front porch!


I wondered if there is a way to keep people from leaving things on my porch.  I googled ‘no soliciting signs’ but realized that wouldn’t stop people from leaving things and likely wouldn’t stop them from ringing my bell either (there’s nothing I hate more than someone ringing my bell when I’m taking a nap!). I did come across one funny sign, though, that I had to share.

316081505v6_480x480_Front Does anyone know of a way to keep people from leaving things on your door/front porch?  Its such a waste since I don’t want any of it, I don’t read it and it immediately goes into my recycling bin…not to mention that I just plain hate them.  How do you deal with unwanted fliers?


  1. I wish I had the answer to this. People are always knocking on my door or ringing the bell! and with out fail it's always when I just get my little one down for a nap! If you find the secret, do share!!

  2. UGH! Sundays are the worst around us!! Especailly when we just get home from grocery shopping. We just don't answer the door. The religous folks like to stand on my porch for about 5-10 minutes no matter what. With the way crime is, I am always afraid to open my door to a stranger.

  3. A big German Shepard :) :) There is a a few places on line where you can have custom signs done.. or you could paint your own and just add NO flyers also. I was told there is one that says "if we do not know you GO AWAY. :) :) Glad to know I am not the only one who hates this.

  4. I would like to buy that sign.

  5. I printed out this image:

    Trimmed it, and then used a self-adhesive laminating sheet to protect it. I then attached it below the knocker on my door. I hope it works!


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