Monday, November 15, 2010

Antique Love

My mother cringes every time I mention wanting to paint a piece of furniture.  She always likes how they come out but I think people in our parent’s generation are of the thought that antiques should not be messed with and that they should be stained to preserve their beauty (plus they are worth more if they aren’t painted).  The items I choose to paint usually need some repair work anyway so I think fixing and painting them is better than letting them stay as-is.

My parents bought these gorgeous antique pieces many moons ago and my father and grandfather refinished them (I helped dad with the table – my first time stripping a piece of furniture!).  You know I love white paint and have a hard time not taking a brush to almost anything but I have to agree that there are some pieces that are better off left alone.




I love the detail on everything from the table and chair legs to the cabinet fronts.  The first time I saw someone recover chair cushions was when my mom redid these chairs years ago. I think she started a monster since I do love whipping out the staple gun and recovering cushions.

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  1. What beautiful furniture! I agree, these were best finished and not painted!


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