Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Changing it up for Fall

I like to swap out the pillow covers for the back pillows on my bed to change things up in the bedroom a bit.  This summer I replaced white covers with fun, flowery blue covers.


Now that it is cooler outside I had to bring out my down duvet that is covered with a chocolate duvet cover.  Normally I love the white duvet but it is hard to wash so a cover is always used on it, especially now that I have a four legged animal that loves to cuddle in my bed.  It just makes my life easier.

The chocolate screams fall/winter but the blue flowery pillow covers do not.  I found this set of great chocolate/blue covers from Wal-mart for $8.  LOVE THEM.


Now the chocolate duvet cover makes sense in my predominately blue bedroom. IMG_4273

Now the decision is – blue pillows or brown? I think I’m leaning towards the blue to keep some color on the bed.


Anyone else swap out their bedding for the seasons?  I don’t go so far as to decorate for the holidays in here but I do like to warm things up during the cooler months and go lighter in the warmer months.

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  1. So beautiful! I've had an all white bed for about a year now, and I'm itching to add some color. Our walls are about the same as yours! Thanks for some great ideas!


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