Monday, November 29, 2010

Coffee Table Revamp

A few weeks ago I bought a cool coffee table from a thrift store for a steal ($12).  I debated what to do with it – stain it the same color as the storage tables? paint it white?  I figured I’d finish this project before it got too cold outside and it has just taken me a while to finally post pictures. Forgive me.


I looked at all of the detail around the sides and legs and decided that painting would be 100x easier. So, I brushed on a coat of primer (the kind that adheres to all surfaces without first having to sand since I was feeling lazy) and then tackled the table with spray paint.

IMG_4286That’s right – I painted it white.  I’m so predictable.


Seriously, who would want to sand this?!?

IMG_4289  And finally, a pic of the entire space:

IMG_4280 I also changed things up on the storage tables to add a little height and interest.

IMG_4284 I’ve run out of room to put furniture in my home.  I still need to line the drawer but that’ll have to wait until I get my next burst of energy. I’m drained from all the winterizing I’ve been doing around the house and prepping for the holidays.

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  1. This turned out great!


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