Monday, November 1, 2010

How To: Line Drawers

I’ve shown you how I stained the basement tables and refinished the leg caps (as I like to call them).  The final step was to line the drawers.  There are many ways you could go about this:

  • when I bought them someone had used thumbtacks to hold fabric in place
  • you could mod podge (or use spray adhesive) paper to the bottoms of the drawers for a permanent fix
  • you could use double-sided tape as a non-permanent fix to hold paper or fabric in place
  • you could cover paper with contact paper as a non-permanent fix
  • you could line the drawers with drawer liner found in most big box stores

I decided that I didn’t want something permanent and I didn’t like any of the drawer liners found at the big box stores so I thought I’d make my own using wrapping paper that I covered with contact paper.  I used the same method that I did when I made a tray liner.  I bought this great yellow/white/black/gray argyle wrapping paper on clearance from Target for $2.50 many, many months ago for this project (it just took me forever to stain the tables!). One roll of paper was exactly what I needed to line eight drawers.

IMG_4146 Step 1: Measure the drawers.

Step 2: Cut the (wrapping) paper to size. I cut one piece first to use as a template for the others since I hate measuring.

Step 3: Cut the contact paper to size.  Cover the patterned (top) side of the wrapping paper with the contact paper.  Use sharp scissors to trim any extra contact paper from the edges.

Step 4: Place in drawer.  You’re done!  Okay, so like I said I cut and covered one piece and then used it as a template for the other seven drawer liners. 






I now have gorgeous drawer liners that will protect my drawers and I can easily replace these when I get tired of this paper (if I ever do – I love it!).  

So what do I have in these drawers anyway?

Top drawers: Scissors (left), empty! (right)

Drawer 2: Word/letter stamps (left), other stamps (right)

Drawer 3: Paper books (left), paper scraps (right)

Drawer 4: Craft tools such as paper cutter and embosser (left), workout videos and iPod speakers (right)

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  1. this is a great idea! I love that you used wrapping paper! Looks amazing and can easily be replaced over time!


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