Monday, November 22, 2010

More Vintage Finds

When I was home in October I once again hit up our local antique stores and of course didn’t leave empty handed.  At the first store I came home with these gorgeous linens and some postcards.

IMG_4261 I found more milk glass at a second-hand store.  This place was the messiest store I’ve ever been in – they have so much stuff and I had to climb over things to look around but at $2 each I was able to snag a couple of new pieces that I hadn’t seen before.

IMG_4255 The picture above is my parents house as it looked in 1919 – complete with a huge porch and a railroad track where the road is now.  Mom scanned and printed the original picture for me.  The frame is a $5 find at Target (they have all sorts of cool frames out now for the holidays).

Finally at another antique store I found these amazing original pen and ink drawings that were used for advertising in the 1930s. A couple had the date stamped on them, others had the prices of the furniture listed ($4.75 for a table! $7.89 for a chair!), and they had scribbles indicating which newspaper to send the drawings to and how large the drawing should be in the advertisement.  I found these last time I was home and was lucky that they were still there.  I paid around $2 for each.




 IMG_4266 Those are my latest finds.  Now I just need to find the perfect frames for the prints.


  1. Great finds!!! Those drawing are too cool and that milk glass is beautiful!

  2. Those are too cool!! I love finding vintage goodies - especially when they're related to design! Great find!!


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