Friday, November 12, 2010

Painting Ceilings

I’m a huge fan of white ceilings…huge.  I’m slowly liking ceilings that are painted in houses but I still don’t enjoy every.single.ceiling being painted.  My favorite room to see a ceiling painted in is the bathroom.  These rooms are generally so small to begin with and I think that having the ceiling color the same as the wall color really brings your eyes up instead of chopping up the room. I’ve been debating painting my bathroom ceiling to match the walls and I think I’m going to go for it one of these weekends now that I’ve seen a painted ceiling in person. 

My mother recently repainted their bathroom and she carried the light blue from the walls to the ceiling and I love how it turned out.




Plus this is a great way to hide my poor edging job I did the first time I painted the bathroom!  Anyone else paint their bathroom (or any other) ceiling? 

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  1. The craziest I've gotten with my ceiling is a color called ping pong ball. It's more cream then white! ;) I do like it though. The blue looks great and you're right, it hides the edges.
    My dad carried a latte color in his kitchen to the ceiling and I like it! I also am finding that when done right, I like wall paper on ceilings! Crazy right?!


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