Monday, November 8, 2010

Table Swap

I recently showed you the color mismatch I had going on in the basement.  Originally I was planning on doing something with the original coffee table that I had in the space but after a recent trip to a thrift store I changed my tune.  I purchased a new, longer table for just $12. That’s right - $12.00!  All it needs is a little TLC and this will be the crown jewel in the space.

IMG_4181 I love the detail on the table and that it has a single drawer in the front.

IMG_4179Notice that it is much longer than the old table but just a hair shorter in height.  It’s now almost as long as the couch so no one has to stretch to put a drink on it.

IMG_4178Notice the stain on the top?  That won’t be a problem since I have plans for this table.  I certainly love a project! One of the other details I noticed right away is that the cutouts on the legs mimic those on my thrift store chair. 

IMG_4184 IMG_4187 Stay tuned for the final outcome of this gorgeous piece!


  1. I love all your finds! I need a bigger house so I can have cute projects!

  2. Oh goody - I love to see before and afters! Methinks you're going to paint it white to match the chair?



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