Friday, December 10, 2010

Review: Surefit Furniture Friend

Back in October I mentioned that CSN Stores was giving me the opportunity to review any product on their site.  My life has been pretty hectic lately so I put off on ordering anything until a few weeks ago. I ordered the product on Sunday night and it arrived on Friday morning.  I love hassle-free and quick delivery!

I debated whether to get a new light fixture for the kitchen or office but after browsing their sites for what seemed like hours I changed my mind.  I previously talked about Surefit’s new furniture covers for pet owners and even thought about making my own.  These protect your couches and chairs from pet hair and stains. When I saw that CSN had these covers available on their site, the only thing for me to decide was which color to get. I thought the beige would clash with the beige chair (I really hate when two shades of beige are next to each other) so I went with the chocolate suede cover.

IMG_4391I vacuum the couch easily enough to remove any unwanted hairs but the chair is a little trickier.  The fabric acts as a magnet for the pet hair and I can never really get it all off of the back of the chair.  Previously, I had a pet blanket covering the seat cushion:

IMG_4390Now, the arms and chair back are protected as well:

IMG_4392  This cover is really made for a chair that isn’t as tall or oddly shaped as mine is but it still serves the purpose and I’m the only one who will see it (and well, now you) since I plan on removing it before company comes over. Sami already loves sitting there and I’m pleased with how it hasn’t shifted, it’s soft cover and the chocolate color is perfect for the room.

IMG_4399 Only time will tell how this product holds up but so far I’m incredibly pleased. Thanks, CSN Stores!


  1. so random...I actually just bought a slip cover for my rocking chair (about the same size as your chair pictured) and it came today. It's a little big, but the baby keeps throwing up ONLY when we feed her on that chair! It can't take much more! This would be a perfect product for me! If I return my covers, I'm totally getting this!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is really a Fanstatic images,i just love the Chair design a lot... Furniture is absolutely stunning!!!!


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