Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 To-Do

I make a to-do list each year of things I’d like to get done around the house.  It seems that a few items have been on this list since I bought my little house nearly six years ago.  Oops.  So here is my list for this year.  Items with an asterisk (*) mean that I’ll likely hire someone to do them.


  • Paint inside of front door glossy white
  • Paint inside of side door glossy white
  • Install new lock on side door (its been in the basement for a year now)
  • Install crown molding in the dining room *
  • Install a new kitchen floor *
  • Paint the bathroom ceiling the same beige as the walls
  • Paint the ceiling in the guest room white (it needs a refresher)
  • Install railing in the stairway to basement (?) *
  • Install draft block on the back door


  • Paint house foundation black
  • Paint front porch black – the beige I did a couple of years ago looks terrible
  • Spray paint the screen door hardware to match front door hardware (goodbye brass!)
  • Install railing leading to back door and front door (?) *
  • Install new gate post for gate next to garage *
  • Re-roof garage *
  • Fix garage siding, window and install new side door *
  • Paint picket fence (Behr’s no-mildew 30 year paint is a joke.  Mine lasted for two years before mildew grew on it)

That’s a pretty long list and I’m sure there are things I’m missing. I’m thinking about installing railings since my Dad can’t get into my house very well and I’d like to make it easy for him to visit if he can! The items that have been on my list forever are the crown molding, kitchen floor and garage. I got a small bonus at work this year for recommending someone to my company so that money will go towards the garage – finally!  Now I just need to find someone who will do the work since most roofing companies won’t even come look at a single car detached garage.

Most of the indoor work is painting which is easy enough and can be done in a day (each project) but its a matter of getting motivated to break out the brushes!  I might try installing the crown molding myself since I’ve seen some great tutorials online and doing it myself will save cash but I’ll need another set of hands to help hold up the molding so we’ll see. It is hard owning a house by yourself sometimes!

What does your to-do list look like?

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