Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Breaking Out the Glue

Last week I showed you the table I bought for three bucks from a favorite antique store.  It needed a LOT of work.  I completed phase one: gluing the veneer to the wood and patching with wood filler after cleaning off the piece.  This phase was pretty easy – I simply used a toothpick to spread thin layers of Carpenter’s Wood Glue between the layers and then used clamps to hold them together while the glue dried.  The glue says that it bonds stronger than wood, sets in 30 minutes and is sandable and paintable. 

The glue application took place in the evenings while watching “How I Met Your Mother” reruns, hence the darker picture below.

IMG_4454 I repeated this process around the entire table to make sure anything that was loose was securely glued down. Tedious but easy.  Look – no more gaps!

IMG_4475IMG_4477 The next part of the phase required that I patch the missing veneer with Carpenter’s Wood Filler.  Normally I would color match the filler to the wood finish but in this case, I used what I had (Golden Oak) since the piece would be primed and painted. I simply spread some filler on with a flexible metal putty knife and let it dry. Once it was dry, I lightly sanded it so that it was flush with the rest of the wood. You can sand shallow repairs after 15 minutes and deep repairs after 2-8 hours using medium sandpaper, but you should avoid high-speed sanding (i.e. an electric sander).

IMG_4478The next phase: sand and paint!  I’m already testing a couple of colors to see what I like…


I can’t wait to get this table finished!

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