Friday, January 14, 2011

Needs Work

When I was home in October I found this adorable side table at my favorite antique store for $9.  When I looked at it, I realized it needed a LOT of work so I didn’t shell out the nine bucks for it.  When I was home again in December, I found the table still at the store, only this time it was marked down to $3!  I immediately grabbed it and took it to the register (along with the milk glass plate ($3), compote ($2) and salt/pepper shakers ($5) I previously showed you).  


I’m not kidding when I say this beauty needs work…lots and lots of work.  Look at the rings and stains in that image! However, you know I love a good project and I just fell in love with the shape and fun details on this little table.

IMG_4437 I bought it to use in this corner of the living room since I wanted something a little more substantial than my glass circle table that also provided a little display space since I was removing one or more shelves from the living room. I’ve been looking for a two-level shelf for a while and came up empty handed downstate.

Let’s take a look at some of the damage, shall we. The veneer has pulled away from the wood – nothing a little wood glue can’t fix.

IMG_4441 IMG_4443There is some missing veneer on a few spots that should be fixable with some wood filler.

IMG_4440  I’m deciding whether to keep the scalloped edge.  I wish it went around the entire top since I’ll be putting the table sideways in the space.  It only lines the back edge to keep things from falling off the back of the table.

IMG_4442 Currently it is the same color as the rest of the furniture in the room so the color has to go. I don’t want it too matchy-matchy. Of course white is in the running but I’m also contemplating other colors.

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