Monday, January 24, 2011

Off the Grid

I’ve been deciding what to do with the wall above my tv in the living room. I really liked the idea of some oversized art above the television but then I thought – what about the wall behind the couch?  I had a single, skimpy shelf there that I wasn’t in love with.

IMG_1357 I thought that two walls of art might be a bit much so I decided to revamp the wall behind the couch and do something different with the tv wall later.  I have been buying old newspaper advertisement ink drawings of furniture that I knew would be perfect for this project.  Why drawings of furniture?  I love furniture, I love design and the old drawings from the ‘30s are just so fun and interesting so why not?!?

IMG_4270 Last week I bought some great white 10”x13" frames from Michaels for $5 each with this project in mind. I measured the wall, decided I wanted 2” between each frame and then started laying out a grid.  I created my templates with newspaper once I realized that our newspaper was exactly 10” wide so that I could tape the template to the wall to see how I liked the grid.

IMG_4483I decided to start with the lower left-hand corner so I measured where the hook is on the back of the frame and transferred the measurements onto the newspaper and hung up the first frame.

IMG_4491 I then removed the frame and nail and used my Black and Decker Laser Level to find a level line from the first nail hole across the wall. I measured out the nail hole for each of the remaining frames (and repeated for the top row).

IMG_4495 IMG_4493 I then took down all of the frames, cleaned the glass and started cutting matting boards.  When I was home in December my mother gave me a TON of matting board for FREE since I helped her organize and clean her store.  A customer had brought this in and she wasn’t using it so I had my pick out of a huge box of matting board.  I brought some some blue, green and beige boards home.

IMG_4450 Some of the beige didn’t look good next to my wall color and I didn’t have enough of the green so I decided to go with the light blue.  I didn’t have enough of one shade so I ended up mixing two shades of light blue matting for the frames.  I simply measured and cut each matting board to size, placed the ink drawing in the center of the board and then re-hung them on the wall.

IMG_4513 IMG_4518


I noticed that the art wasn’t a perfectly straight line (that’s what you get when you have to manually level the darn thing) so I played around with a couple of the nails to get them better situated.  I love the new grid but I’m not in love with the original painting and mirror that was in the room anymore (funny since I wanted whatever I add to ‘go’ with it) and am thinking of moving them somewhere else. 

IMG_4574 So that’s the latest change to the living room. The total cost for the project was around $70 with the cost of the frames ($50) and the prints ($20).


  1. It looks awesome! I love it!

  2. What a HUGE impact that made- the large grid really balances everything out and makes your living room look so much more to scale and "finished." I LOVE it!!!


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