Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shelving It

This past weekend I decided to go through my bookshelf to make it a little more visually pleasing and also to reorganize some things.   Sadly I forgot to take a before picture and I couldn’t find a good one in my photo archives but imagine this shelf a little more boring and FULL. You want the eye to move up and down the space while zig zagging back and forth so you should add some interesting items besides books, stagger the books/items, and use various heights to add dimension.

IMG_4579 IMG_4551


I used an old woven box to put my stationary in since the old box was too small and I tied it in with everything by using matting that mimicked the woven box behind the print of the Great Lakes.  That picture is actually papercut art by an Etsy seller called Crafterall.  I fell in love with it and ordered one last Friday and it arrived on Monday!  LOVE IT.

papercut via

papercut2 via

I’ve always used stacks of books to break up a straight line of books on the shelves but my books have always been lined up from tallest to shortest (left to right) and grouped by author (well, the chick lit anyway).  My Type-A self had a hard time letting that go but I’m happy with the results since the shelves look more relaxed and interesting. For the chick lit I grouped them by color:

IMG_4556 …and the reference section was divided into home reference and general reference and the sizes are mixed in between.

IMG_4558 I used to store smaller paperbacks in the white boxes but I don’t re-read those books so I decided to remove them so I had three extra boxes for storage (and one is still empty!).  For anyone who does read smaller paperbacks, these photo boxes are the perfect size to store them.

IMG_4540 At the end of the day I had a good size donate/sell/reuse pile.

IMG_4548 So that’s how I spent my Saturday afternoon.  You may think ‘BORING’ but I say ‘FUN!"’


  1. That is exactly how I want to spend an afternoon - maybe when I'm 50, my decorating projects have become fewer and farther between since Max arrived.

    Hooray for color! And I really want one of those pictures - fantastic!

  2. I love organizing my books by color. I do sort them into groups (because I too amd an OCD type a). Love Crafterall, too!


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