Monday, January 31, 2011

Wash, Dry and Fold

I recently made some free-to-me art for the laundry nook.  I recently bought this 8x10 frame from Michaels ($4) and I found the cool oval frame at The Salvation Army for a buck (which I spray painted white, of course).  I simply used some yellow cardstock (two shades) that I  had and added laundry terms with fun damask stickers from my stockpile.  The result – art for the laundry room.

IMG_4585 IMG_4588 Here’s a close-up of the damask ABC stickers.

IMG_4589 Easy and free art!  I’ve been wanting something laundry-inspired to dress up the tabletop in this space and it just came to me when I was doing laundry this morning.  At least something good came of doing laundry since I detest doing it.

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