Monday, January 10, 2011

Welcome 2011!

It’s been a while since I posted since I was out of town for two weeks and then sick to the point of barely being able to move for a week.  I’m finally feeling better and felt that I should post here. My Christmas was great and I received some fun gifts this year. 

You already saw one of my gifts from my younger brother – this awesome milk glass lamp. He also got me two other milk glass pieces and a gift card for Target.  That boy knows his big sister! My nephew got me a wireless mouse for my laptop and my older brother got me speakers for my desktop computer and a gift card. All great gifts! 

Here are the fun gifts from my folks: Da Yoopers Glossary (I’m from Michigan’s UP), speakers for my computer (yep, a slight gift overlap but that’s okay), BananaGrams book and some classic Penguin books that I love…

IMG_4428 and some serving pieces for summer parties (think Sangria and summer treats!). Mom said she’s trying to inject some color into my life so no white! Funny lady…

IMG_4431 While home I went antique shopping (of course) and came home with these goodies:

IMG_4419 Being up north over the holidays means no after-Christmas sale shopping unless you want to hit up Wal-Mart and K-Mart. ;)  So once I made it back to Detroit, I ran to Target to get a gallon of milk and to see what was left of their holiday decor.  I did buy some cards for next year ($1.50 for a pack of 16 recycled cards) and some glass bird ornaments ($2 for three).

IMG_4425 I did buy one more item from the antique store but that’s being saved for another post this week.  Hope everyone had a great Christmas and got some great goodies this year!

As for 2011, I don’t make resolutions but I do have a to-do list that is a mile long that I’ll post soon and the two things I really want to work on (other than health-related items) are to balance my checkbook EACH month rather than do six months at a time and to wash the dishes as soon as I’m done with them rather than letting them accumulate in the sink. Have I mentioned how much I hate washing dishes? 


  1. I hear you on the dishwashing thing. I'm not sure why I let them pile up, it's so much easier when I just take care of them right away...ugh.

    Love the little illustrations - from old Sears catalogs? Can't wait to see what you do with them!

  2. Hey Alanna,
    Those are original pen and ink drawings for advertisements in the local paper. They are from the 1930s and even list the price some of the pieces of furniture were selling for (an awesome chair for $4.75?!?). I have big plans for the images!


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