Monday, February 7, 2011

Gorgeous Find

This weekend I decided to check out the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Pontiac. If you are unfamiliar with ReStore, they sell reclaimed/used items for the home including doors, windows, lighting fixtures, furniture, flooring, paint, etc.  I went to the one in Ann Arbor earlier in the week but didn’t find anything worthy of bringing home but my trip to Pontiac was different.

I found this awesome light fixture for $5 bucks.  All it needs is a little cleaning and some new paint and it will be ready to be hung (assuming the wiring is still good).

IMG_4605 IMG_4606 I love the geometric design and think it will look great hanging in the kitchen.  I don’t have a timeframe for hanging it yet since the wiring in the kitchen scares me but I hope to get it up sometime this spring.


  1. Great find! wow!

  2. My babysitter had that light fixture!!! Wow... i haven't seen anything like it in ages. Very cool to see it again in really good shape. :)

  3. I just found out that we have a REstore in our area. I'm excited because 1) I can shop there, and 2) we can donate building materials as we go through our renovation.

    I just hate to see good things go to waste (even though i don't want them in my home!) : )


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