Friday, February 4, 2011

Once Ugly

Once upon a time I bought a little wooden side table that had seen better days.  The price tag of only $3 and its charm won me over in the end so the little table that could came home with me. Fast forward a month and the table no longer resembles the ugly stepsister but now looks like Cinderella at the ball. Okay, that’s a stretch but I think she’s pretty.



After some glue, wood putty, sanding, priming and painting the table now looks like this:

IMG_4592Yes, it is white.  Big surprise there, right?  Actually, white was not the first choice!  I painstakingly applied primer and a first coat of a color called Polished Limestone (Glidden) only to decide that it was too green and pastel-like. Since I was too tired to try another sample, I decided to go with my trusty White on White (Glidden) that is used on all of the woodwork in my house.  I applied all paint with a foam roller or foam brush to minimize brush strokes. 

Here she is all dressed up.

IMG_4598 The top shelf has a couple of books, my favorite plant and a candle holder that I bought when Mom and I went on our get-away trip to St. Ignance.

IMG_4602The next two shelves hold my Grandfather’s old cameras and some more books.

IMG_4599The right –side holds my favorite pink milk glass compote.


Not bad for three dollars!  I do wish I had something taller in this corner but this will do for now. I originally wanted an etagere like these…


source unknown

awelldressedhome via

…but I can’t find anything like them anywhere.  If you come across a shelf like this PLEASE let me know where! I will forever be grateful!


  1. I like it! I love the etageres too (can we just call them ets? etagere is awfully long ;) )

    For height you could always add a lamp, painted in the matching white...sort of shaped like the one in the well dressed home pic? That pic has been haunting me for a while now - something about the poof (need one!) and the lovely pillows.

    Happy Friday!!

  2. I love those pillows, too! I'm secretly looking for new pillow covers and can't find anything I like so I'm heading to Joann this weekend to see if I can find any pretty fabric to make my own.

  3. I adore the white table it looks soooo fresh!


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