Monday, February 14, 2011

Trim Frame

Behind my stove hangs a piece of sheet metal that has been painted white.  I’m not sure why it was originally there – to act as a backsplash?  To cover the huge hole in the wall where the electrical lives? In any case, I decided to keep it as a backsplash since it is so much easier to wash down than the walls and I’m a messy cook. The metal was simply hung there with a few screws and painted glossy white so the rough edges and screws were visible to everyone. Not pretty.

**And here is where I apologize for the shadows but it is impossible to take pics of the stove without the shadows – trust me, I tried everything.**

IMG_4628 IMG_4630 The one thing I did a few months ago was to hang the white tin tile on the back splash since it broke up the single plane of white and added a little interest to the stove area (and took your eyes away from the unfinished edges of the back splash).  I finally decided that I was sick of the edges showing so I went to Home Depot and bought around four dollars worth of trim. I measured the piece of metal and then cut the primed pieces of trim at mitered angles so they would form a picture frame. (Similar to what I did to the bathroom mirror eons ago)

Primed, painted and cut pieces of trim:



I then simply attached the trim to the metal using a LOT of glue and some tape to hold the pieces in place for a few hours while the glue dried.  Once I removed the tape, I filled in the spaces between the trim and the sheet metal with white caulk and called it a day.

IMG_4661 IMG_4659A simple fix that cost less than $5. It looks more intentional now and I like that the rough edges are hidden behind the trim.  Another before/after:


IMG_4663Anyone else use trim lately to fix a problem area in your house?

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