Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Who’s Been Framed?

Last week I posted pictures of the DIY picture ledge that I made with a few pieces of wood.  I temporarily placed some pictures and frames on the ledge but this weekend I quickly set to style the shelf with pictures of family members and art that made me happy.  Here’s the final product:

IMG_4665I put the picture of my childhood home (circa 1920) in a crisp white frame, my younger brother in a metallic blue frame, my family in the delicate white frame and my Papa in a .99 cent frame that I painted white.

IMG_4666 The middle is a sun print I made during one of our rare sunny days in SE Michigan this winter. I cut out the letter ‘I’ and cut a heart shape using the grade school method of folding paper in half and cutting out a half of a heart. The UP shape was a little more difficult – I first tried using a UP cookie cutter I had but that resulted in a glob of white after the sun did its magic to the paper so I instead hit up Google to find an image of the UP that I could cut out.  The one I used had some cities printed on it but I didn’t think that would matter.  Well, the text was also burned onto the image.  Happy accident since my hometown is shown!

IMG_4671 The other side has a old picture of my older brother and his son, my favorite picture of my father and I from Six Flags when I was six, a picture of my mother that I stole from her (shhhh) and a word cloud of things that make me happy that I created  using Wordle and printed at  home.

IMG_4668 I’m happy with the way my frame gallery came out!  I catch myself staring at the pictures in between episodes of my favorite shows.  Like I mentioned before, this will be easy to update when I get new pictures or if I want to add more frames to the mix.


  1. I love the pictures mixed with the other fun items! I cannot WAIT to get my own home I can decorate and design! You have given me great ideas!

    BTW - How goes it girlie?

  2. Good job....the one of me is shortly after I had you and we went to WV for Virginia's wedding.


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