Thursday, March 17, 2011

100% Wool

I have had a synthetic rug in my living room since I moved in nearly six years ago.  It is a neutral 6’x8’ beige rug with a subtle diamond pattern and I love it.  Apparently so does Sami.  She’s begun scratching the rug which results in pulls everywhere as well as missing sections of yarn since she pulls it up with her nails. 

old rug  rug damageSo I started the rug hunt of 2011 to find something suitable to replace it.  6’x8’ is not a common size and I thought it was perfect for my room but I figured I’d have to go with a 5’x8’ (common) or a 6’x9’ (not as common). I started casually looking at HomeGoods, TJMaxx, Target, Marshalls, Pier 1, Cost Plus World Market and online to try to find something to replace my living room rug.  I wanted something that leaned towards neutral since I like to keep big purchases neutral so that I don’t regret them later. I knew I’d have to spend a lot to get a good, quality rug and I had my heart set on wool since unlike cotton or synthetic rugs, a lot of wool rugs are hand tufted meaning they don’t have the small loops that Sami’s nails could get caught in. 

The rug hunt went on for a couple of weeks – I’d casually check out stores and almost bought a striped wool rug from HomeGoods but then decided to wait to see if I found anything else. This past weekend I was going to head to the Pottery Barn outlet at Birch Run but then decided I didn’t feel like spending the hour in the car and their rugs are not returnable and I like to get something home to see how I like it before committing. So I decided to head to the HomeGoods in Novi as well as the HomeGoods/Marshalls in Farmington Hills to see what they had instead. Novi had the striped rug so I figured I’d take another look at it. Friday night I stopped by the Pier1, TJMaxx and HomeGoods in Troy to check out their inventory.  I found some gorgeous rugs but nothing that I wanted since Sami’s nails would snag most of the rugs I saw.

Imagine my disappointment when the striped wool rug was no longer at the first HomeGoods store on Saturday.  I decided it wasn’t meant to be and hit up my second store. I found it!  A perfect blue and beige striped wool rug but it didn’t have a price tag.  The guy said it was $99.99 (!) for the 5’x8’ beauty (I was already going to get it at this point since that is an amazing price for a 100% wool rug of this size).  It had a small snag so I asked if he could go any lower and he knocked off 10% so I happily left after spending only $90 on a 100% wool rug that I knew would be perfect in my house.  I was right.

IMG_4811 IMG_4813 IMG_4812 IMG_4794 Sami gave her approval as she ran over to the rug and sprawled out on it after I rolled up the old rug and laid out the new one. As for the small snag it had, I simply cut it with scissors and you can’t even see where it was. This is the softest, plushest rug I’ve ever walked on and I adore it.  Now I need to find one for the office.

So, taking it slow and checking out multiple stores really does win in the end. And don’t be scared to ask for a discount (which I normally am scared to do) since the worst that can happen is they say no – and on the flipside, you can save extra cash on an already amazing buy!


  1. LOVE the new rug, the color is very calming. It really makes the room.

  2. The rug looks perfect in there. How are you going to keep Sami from ruining it?

  3. So far Sami has no desire to scratch it. I think the fact that it doesn't have loops like synthetic rugs do has a lot to do with it!



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