Monday, March 14, 2011

Cousin Do List

My cousin came over this weekend to take a look at the projects I want help with around my house.  This is the same cousin that retiled my bathroom floor and installed drywall in the basement last year. There are many things I can do myself but there are some that I need help with – such as…

…installing crown molding in the dining room and all three bedrooms (very hard with only one set of hands)

IMG_4770 …laying a new kitchen floor (again, hard for me since it requires moving heavy appliances)


…re-roofing the garage, fixing garage siding (including getting rid of the side window and replacing it with siding) and installing a new side garage door

IMG_4775 …and ripping off the existing roof for the patio and installing a roof with shingles so that I  don’t have to deal with breaking wood supports, gross gunk between plastic layers and I can finally climb on top of this roof to clear the gutters to the house.

IMG_4773 That’s my ‘Cousin Do’ list that will hopefully be completed within the next month.  He recently had surgery on his rotator cuff so the crown molding will be the last thing to be done since he can’t quite lift his arms above his head.  I’m excited to get started so I’m heading to Home Depot tonight to pick out and buy the new kitchen floor!  Of course updates will occur as the projects are completed.  As for my to-do list, well, I have a LOT of painting to do and I’m currently working on redoing a room in the house.

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