Thursday, March 31, 2011

Like New

Another project that was tackled and finished last week were the upgrades to my garage.  This included a new roof, new side door, new siding and new corner piece for the gate latch.  I don’t have a step-by-step for this either since I didn’t do the work but I have some before and after pictures for you.  Let’s take a look at the before aka the ugly…


1. Old wood door that was rotting and the glass had broken before I bought the house so I stapled old vinyl from a grill cover over the hole.

IMG_4848 2. Old window that was rotting and the glass had broken about a year after I bought the house so again I stapled old vinyl from a grill cover over the hole. It’s amazing my garage wasn’t broken into.


IMG_4845 3. The corner piece of siding that the latch for the gate was attached to was being shattered. There wasn’t a piece of wood behind it to provide any support.

IMG_4847 IMG_4846 4. The shingles were falling off the roof and some were rotted from being in the shade in the summer from my neighbor’s tree. Also the wood behind the gutter was rotted in places and needed to be replaced.  (See first pic for an idea of how bad the roof was)

My cousin started with the door.  We bought a flat front steel door from Lowes ($109 I think). The old door was an odd size (28” wide) so he had to remove all of the siding on the garage and then cut into the garage to make the door entry larger to fit the 30” door.

IMG_4853 Next up was the roof and replacing the wood under the gutter.  I rented a 10 yard dumpster for five days (at the tune of $200) so we could just toss the waste into the dumpster.  The company I used recycles the shingles so I simply had to put the shingles in the bottom, cover it with a tarp they provided and then toss everything else on top.  I loved having the dumpster since I was able to also clean out the garage of old paint (they took some to a church to reuse), cinder blocks, old wood, and random items I found in the garage rafters.

IMG_4854 I helped with the demo (there were four layers of shingles up there!), cutting the shingles and then handing them to him when he needed them.  My legs were sore for days since my legs aren’t used to being at such an angle.  I can’t imagine doing this in the summer – I’m so glad we had some slightly warmer days and sun while we were working on the roof!

The next step was the siding.  He removed the old window and then filled in the hole with plywood that he then covered with siding.  He was able to reuse most of the existing siding and used two new pieces (great way to keep costs down). It looks amazing and will look even better once I power wash it this spring (ignore the mud).


He also fixed the corner of the garage by adding wood to the corner so the latch could fasten into something other than just the piece of new siding.  The final step was to rehang the gutter and my solar light.  I think I’ll paint the light’s cables black so they blend in with the roof.

IMG_4906 IMG_4907The garage cost me $860 (door, siding, roof repair, shingles, asphalt felt, edging, wood, whatever else he needed for materials, labor) and $200 for the dumpster for a total of $1060.  I was expecting to pay $1K just for the roof so I was happy to get everything else (new steel door installed and siding fixed) for that price.  The garage looks like a new garage and I’m sure my neighbors are as thrilled as I am. Let’s look at the before and after again, shall we?



I’d love to have someone come in to tear up part of the sidewalk (by the garage) and pour new cement there as well as to the driveway since I hate the pieces of slate that the old owners laid down.  Maybe I’ll check into that this summer once I replenish my house project funds.


  1. The new garage looks swell. Your roof needed a repair badly - the way the loose shingles looked at the picture, it seemed a quick gust of wind could have knocked them off.

  2. It looks wonderful. The repair certainly saved her life. If those decaying walls and sidings were not repaired in time, the whole garage could have had serious problems.

  3. Thanks, Sandra. The walls and siding of the garage weren't decaying - in fact, I reused the siding and the walls are still as sturdy as the day the garage was built. The roof shingles, however, were so those were replaced with new ones. Also, the door needed to be replaced but the rest of the garage was in sound shape.



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