Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Covering the Ugly

Back in February I found a cool antique light fixture for $5 from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore center. I have searched through my photo archives and wouldn’t you know it – I never took a picture of the old kitchen light.  I hated it that much. However, it looked similar to this one from Ikea:


My cousin recently took down the light for me and hung up my thrifty find in its place.  Now, to give you a back story, my father and I were going to replace this light years ago but when we unhooked the light from the ceiling we were greeted with SIX red wires and three black boxes up there.  We got scared and hung it back up and it has remained there for six years. I have had enough of the ugly light so I asked my cousin to take a look.  Imagine my surprise when he explained that the black boxes cool down the light and if you removed another tiny screw, you’d get to the ceiling box and the black and white wires that you should see.  Whew!  Within minutes I had a new-to-me vintage light!

IMG_4891 The only problem – the new base was smaller than the old base so I had ugly brown rings on my ceiling.

IMG_4894 I decided that rather than paint the ceiling since I hate doing so and I’d had my fill of painting for a while (I just finished painting crown molding and the guest bedroom ceiling) I would buy a ceiling medallion instead.  I’ve used these before – I hung one in the dining room years ago to hide a larger than necessary hole in the ceiling (a ceiling fan was there before).

IMG_4890Home Depot had a 10” diameter simple medallion for $8 – sold.  I had to take the light fixture down, install the medallion and then rehang the light.  Easy enough and I love how it turned out. I opted for the smaller medallion since I didn’t want it to compete with the light for attention. I think it looks great and was such a simple fix.


IMG_4947  IMG_4950 IMG_5022

This new-to-me light cost only $13 ($8 for the medallion and $5 for the light) and added so much more charm to the kitchen.  I think I can finally say I’m done with the kitchen.  Here’s the kitchen on closing day:

100_0425Since moving in, I’ve:

Yep – I think this room is done…for now.


  1. Perfect! Being single and being able to fix up and change things without answering to anyone*sigh* I remember the days lucky lady! And it all looks so great.


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