Monday, April 4, 2011

Crowning Glory

Another project my cousin completed for me (besides the new kitchen floor and the garage work), was installing crown molding in the dining room and all three bedrooms. Rather than try to find the studs for the crown and worry whether the nails were attaching the crown securely to the ceiling, he hung some wood first (anchoring it to the studs) and then attached the crown to the wood.  This cost a little extra (for the cost of the wood) but the crown is incredibly secure and won’t fall down anytime soon.

IMG_4876 He also had to figure out my odd corners in two of the bedrooms since not every room is square…


And now for the before and after pics. Here’s my dining room corner before: IMG_4770

…and as it looks today with the crown. Huge difference!


I’ve been doing the caulking and repainting of the crown in the rooms and let me just say that I do NOT like it.  Trying to get perfectly straight caulk lines where the crown meets the wall is a pain and I have touch up painting to do but I’ll save that for some day this summer when I get bored and its too hot to go outside.

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