Friday, April 22, 2011

Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall

The other morning I was rudely awoken when I heard a loud crash ring through the house. I crept through the bedroom and into the hall to see if I had an intruder so imagine my relief when I saw this instead of a masked man carrying a weapon:

fallenseat_athomewithh Let me back up.  Sami’s window seat was hung on the sill with care using heavy duty Velcro that came with the seat a few years ago. I recently removed the seat to paint the walls and apparently I disturbed the seat too much since a couple of weeks later the bottom piece of Velcro pulled away from the window sill causing the seat to come crashing down at 3:45 a.m.  I was not thrilled with the timing but at least it didn’t happen when she tried to jump up on the seat!

The Velcro pulled up the paint from the window sill leaving this ugly mess:

tornuppaint_athomewithh missingpaint_athomewithh I left the seat down for a day or two while I contemplated what to do.  During one of my phone calls with my dad I shared the story of the crash that led to me creeping through the house holding my cell phone for dear life. He suggested the easiest solution – one that I hadn’t even considered.  Why not just screw the base into the window sill?  Um – yeah.  Sometimes I over think things.

I quickly drilled two holes through the wooden seat and the sills and then screwed the seat down. Easy.  Took only five minutes.  If I didn’t tell Dad I’d likely still be thinking about finding a skinny table that I could put in its place (and upholster for Sami) or figuring out who sold heavy-duty Velcro to replace this mess – both options would have cost me money. I’m assuming you don’t need pictures of a screw so I didn’t take any. ;) The cover is still removable but it does bunch a tiny bit near the window but once I do a little makeover to her seat you won’t even notice it.

Oh – and are you wondering what those little clear things are on the wall in the first picture?  They are wall protectors that I hung behind the legs of Sami’s window seat so that she’d stop damaging the wall.  Yes, my poor cat is so fat that not only do I need to replace the memory foam on her seat but the weight from her butt was (ha!) was causing the legs to dig into the wall.


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