Friday, April 1, 2011

Subtle Pattern

As I mentioned on Monday I ordered two sisal rugs from for the kitchen.  I wanted something that was easier to clean, a darker color and larger than the original rug.  Let’s take a look at the original rug again (I bought this from Target a year or so ago).


I’ve never ordered rugs online before so I was scared to do so without seeing something in person, however O’s return policy seems pretty straightforward so I figured I’d take a chance. I ordered the Stripes Fine Sisal Multi Rug and the Uni Natural Fiber Fine Sisal Rug (both 3x5 and around $35).

sisal1 sisal2

I wanted sisal since it was described as easy to clean and I liked the subtle pattern on both.  The rugs arrived on Monday afternoon and immediately I knew which one was the winner without even opening both of them.  I did worry briefly that Sami might think the sisal rug was a large scratching pad but so far she has no interest in it at all – she won’t even walk on the rug.

Here is my gorgeous new sisal in place:

IMG_4897 Check out the subtle chevron (zigzag) pattern in shades of gray.

IMG_4899 It looks great with the countertop and the colors I have going on in the room.  I originally wanted a black rug but I love this gray rug!

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