Monday, April 25, 2011

To-Do Revisited

Now that we’re a few months into 2011 I thought I’d revisit my To-Do list to see how I’m doing. 



I also completed a lot of craft projects so feel free to check out the archive on the right for that info. Looks like I have a lot of painting left to do!  Of course the rain isn’t helping me with completing the outdoor projects. I also didn’t take pictures of painting the guest bedroom ceiling (um – it went from white to white) and I still need to take pics of the basement storage space and the patio roof. However, being that my camera has broken I don’t foresee any picture updates to the ol’ blog anytime soon.  So I think I’ll be taking a minor blog hiatus while I wait for my camera to be fixed…unless I decide to post other things (like a house tour!). 

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