Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yellow Splash

When I made some changes to the guest room (swapped out art, changed the linens and added an antique quilt) I knew I also wanted to swap out the accent pillows on the bed.  However, since I have so many pillow forms sitting in the basement I decided that rather than buy new pillows, I’d make some pillow covers. 

IMG_4824Originally I planned on buying some fabric and making the envelope pillow covers that I’ve made in the past but when I found beautiful yellow fabric napkins at Target I changed my mind (4 for $9.99). I figured there was an easy way to sew two of the napkins together to form a cover but rather than try to figure it out I did a quick search online and came across Kate’s easy no-sew instructions instead.

Head over to her site for instructions but here are some changes I made: During step 1 she has you ‘hem’ the seams you just cut.  I decided this was extra work that wasn’t necessary so rather than do that, when you layer the seams over one another to make the opening (step 3) I just used the already hemmed edges of the napkin (so the non-cut sides).  The edges you cut would be hidden inside of the cover anyway so why waste the time? :)


IMG_4918 I’ve decided that while making covers without a sewing machine was nice, I prefer to sew my edges. Also, with these, you can’t use fat pillow forms since the back won’t come close to closing (even with my skinnier pillow forms I had to use safety pins to close the back).

IMG_4910 I love how the yellow pops with the blue and it nicely complements the quilt.

IMG_4913 (Sorry for the pic quality – gray, rainy days make taking pictures nearly impossible in my house)

These were super easy to make and I did both pillows in less than half an hour. Not a bad way to spend the evening and an inexpensive way to dress up some old pillows.


  1. Hey Heather, GREAT point!!! I did that switcheroo with my sewing machine versions, but DUH didn't think to do it with my 'no sew' versions, brilliant, that's you!!!!

    Your pillows are fab, and I'm with you, I do prefer the quick and easy seam of a sewing machine!
    ~ Kate

  2. Love the yellow print on your pillows!

    I tried this too using fun ethnic print napkins I found. I love the way it turned out and cant wait to do it again. Next time though I would prob pay more attention to the type of fabric because mine wrinkle so easily. Also agree that it doesnt work so well on thicker cushions. If you want to check it out I blogged about it here:


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