Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Finds

You know I love bargain shopping and thrifting is one of my favorite activities.  I recently spent $9 at the Salvation Army and came home with 10 antique books, one milk glass plate and four milk glass containers.

safinds_athomewithh I love the old books and they were 5 for $1 the day I went!  One book I bought since I loved the inky blue edges of the paper and the others are from the 1920s and I loved the muted leather covers. I think the previous owner was a Nazi supporter, however, since there were swastikas drawn in one of the books and other markings that I am not in love with.  The owner also wrote his name in the book and I found some other books that were owned by the same person that discussed people of Jewish heritage. Odd.

safinds2_athomewithh The milk glass made its way onto my shelves in the dining room where my collection lives…


… and the books have been spread around the house. I love having stacked books to make different levels whether on tables or shelves. I think it makes things a little more interesting to look at.


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