Friday, May 13, 2011

Good-bye Plastic

Wow am I behind.  I completely forgot to post about the other roof project! The final project I had my cousin work on was the roof above the patio.  This roof was a thick, wavy plastic that I absolutely hated.  I liked that it let light through to the patio but I hated the glued seams that had come undone so water constantly dripped through, the texture that made it impossible to clean (I also hated spending hours on a ladder with the power washer every summer while I tried to clean the plastic), the rotting wood supports that you saw when you were on the patio and the fact that I could not walk on it to clean the gutters that were above it.

Here’s what it looked like from the patio:


Gross.  I decided that I wanted a ‘real’ roof installed instead so my cousin ripped down all of the wood, plastic and metal beams. I was left with this:

noroof_athomewithh He reused the white brackets and attached pretreated lumber as beams across the roof line. He then attached plywood over the beams and then the roof felt and shingles on top of the plywood.


patioroof_inside_athomewithh The notch you see in the pic above is necessary for the screen door to open. Next year I’ll likely paint these beams white but for now they stay (plus I read somewhere that you have to wait a year for pre-treated wood to ‘cure’ before you paint/stain).

When you are standing outside you can’t see the roof – you honestly have to be on a ladder in order to see it since the pitch is so shallow. Originally I wanted the roof to line up with the house roof line but the electrical wires made that impossible.

patioroof_shingles_athomewithh See where the arrow is pointing? That’s where the electrical wire hooks into my house and it was completely in the way of my roof line (naturally).  Also notice that there isn’t a gutter along the entire roof – that’s because I ripped it out two years ago since it was pulling away from the house due to the fact that I couldn’t get up there to clean the gutters since I couldn’t walk on the old plastic roof. So another project this summer is to replace the gutter along the back of the house – not my idea of fun.

patioroof_shingles2_athomewithh I have some more outdoor painting to do since I need to paint the wood trim on the new roof. The lower portion used to have a single piece of siding on it I guess because the old owners were too lazy to paint and figured attaching a weird piece of siding made more sense.  I, however, asked that my cousin remove the siding so I could paint it all white so it blends in with the rest of the patio.

patioroof_topaint_athomewithh So there you have it – my new patio roof.  It is darker on the patio now but I don’t mind at all since I can actually sit out there when it is raining and not get wet now. Plus the shade will feel awesome once summer hits SE Michigan.


  1. Very nice headboard would be cute in between the post.Whatever you do will look great Im sure!

  2. It looks great! You're lucky to have family that can do jobs like this for you! Great blog.

  3. Wow, it looks much better! The wooden side of the roof looks very neat and easier to clean up. And the beams, too. Great job!

  4. That looks much better than the plastic roof. I think it’s much more durable and easier to maintain. Since it’s kinda hard to get up on the roof just to clean the gutters, I think it would help a lot if you place some gutter guards up there. It will keep leaves and other debris so that you won’t have to clean them frequently.

  5. That’s more durable and leak-free than a plastic roof. I like it because it better complements the main roof. Plus, this looks more beautiful and elegant than the plastic one. You made a smart decision to replace it!


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