Friday, May 20, 2011

Rockin’ Good Time

I recently fell in love…with a garden tool.  More specifically I fell in love with the Hound Dog Steppin’ Edger. The Steppin' Edger allows you to use a natural walking motion (or in my case rocking since I’m a little person and I had to rock back and forth a bit in some cases) to cut a clean edge since you simply place it next to your sidewalk or driveway and step down on it from heel to toe making sure you overlap your cuts.

steppinedger_athomewithhThis sucker is hard to track down (I looked at Home Depot, Lowes, ACE True Value and ACO without any luck). I bought mine through Amazon (and only paid $12 since I had a gift card balance – yea!) and eagerly awaited its arrival at my front door. As soon as it got here I put it through a quick test run while still wearing my dress clothes and heels from work. Now that’s excitement folks! After five minutes I had this:

edger_athomewithh Check out that pile of grass! It was extremely easy to use since the ground was soft from all the rain we’ve had and the grass just pulled right up from the sidewalk.  Plus the slicing noise it made was oddly satisfying. I had a good two or three inches of grass over the edge of the sidewalk since I have never edged ANY of the sidewalks on my property – well, not successfully.  I tried once with the power trimmer but that didn’t work out so well.

edger2_athomewithh Now, I cut it a little further from the sidewalk than I had intended since I couldn’t tell where to place it since my yard is such a mess. Once it is edged it will be easy to determine where to place the tool in the future.

edger3_athomewithh Here is the finished portion of the sidewalk after using the Steppin’ Edger.  Now I only have the rest of the backyard (with curved sidewalks), the side of the house, the front of the house and the driveway left.  Um…I think this is how I will be spending my Saturday.

edger4_athomewithh *Notice something else in the picture?  That’s right – I bought my rain barrel. More info to come!*

Of course it will look even better once I mow. Two weeks of rain makes it incredibly hard to get anything done outside!

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  1. great job! it makes the walkway look so spacious in the after pic!


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