Monday, May 30, 2011

To the Market We Go

I thought I’d show you the plants, flowers and herbs I bought from Detroit’s Eastern Market as well as some perennials I bought at a local nursery.  I planted these a couple of weeks ago but am finally getting around to taking pictures.

The front of the house has some Begonias, Coleus and Euphorbia (Hip Hop).

IMG_9568 IMG_9569 The long planters that line the back patio once again have Coleus, Bacopa and some Hip Hop (new for me this year).  The pots in the back patio have Begonias and Bacopa.

IMG_9570 IMG_9572 IMG_9581 I’m growing some herbs and a MI tomato plant again this year. The herbs I chose to go with are Cilantro and Basil and I also bought a baby lettuce plant that is thriving in the planter so far.  The tomato plant is along the garage while the herbs and lettuce are planted by the grill patio again this year since they did so well there last year.

IMG_9576 IMG_9577 Finally I planted some perennials in the flowerbed that I made using newspaper last year.  The plants here were bought at the nursery with the exception of the pinkish bush (anyone know what that is called?), which I got at the Eastern Market for $10.  The pink bush is by far my favorite…or maybe the peony bush is. :)

IMG_9579  IMG_9580\ IMG_9528 IMG_9529 IMG_9530 On the agenda today – laying down more mulch.  I bought ten bags at Home Depot so I guess I should go get started…

Happy Memorial Day!


  1. The pink bush is a dappled willow. Very pretty, isn't it? I have one that I'm training into a topiary.

  2. Thanks! Dappled Willow - I'm so happy to finally know what that bush is called since it didn't come with a tag!



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