Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Finds

I have a set of white stoneware dishes that I’ve had since I graduated from college 11 years ago. These dishes have recently taken a beating that is visible by all the cracks and chipped pieces and one broken plate. I decided that I’m over the heavy dishes and wanted to get a simple set of white everyday dishes to use instead. However, during a recent trip to TJMaxx I found these gorgeous Ralph Lauren Preston Oxford plates in a blue and white stripe pattern that I fell in love with.  Granted, they were a little more than I wanted to spend ($7 per plate) but I couldn’t stop thinking about them (I initially walked away from the dishes) four days later so back to the store I went to grab a few. I decided I wanted enough to serve six people so I had to make visits to two stores to get enough of the plates but I’m thrilled with them.

Without further ado, I present Ralph:

newplates_athomewithhYou likely noticed that only the large plates are blue and white stripped. Yep – I decided to do a little mixing and matching so I bought six white coupe salad plates by Cordon Bleu from Meijer ($3 each), the appetizer plates are from Cynthia Rowley ($7 for four – all I bought was the four pack) and the white bowl is from Target Home.

newplates2_athomewithh Unfortunately I can’t find more of the Target bowl since mine is a few years old and the version they have now is a little off-white in my opinion – and I really want a stark white.  Meijer had some slightly larger white bowls that matched the plates and they are a buck cheaper for each bowl than the Target version so I’ll likely head back to the store and get those instead.

While at Meijer I also stumbled on the awesome placemats in the pics above. I love the subtle pattern, the grommets and the rope – they look so nautical just like my blue plates. They were on clearance for .99 cents each (originally $4) and are by Katie Brown.

placemat_closeup_athomewithh  I also found some graphic vinyl placemats by Summer of Color for .79 cents that I thought would look really cool framed or something. I haven’t decided what to use them for yet but I loved the pattern.  Or I could use them outside on the patio if I really wanted to.

placemat2_athomewithh placemat2_closeup_athomewithh Those are my latest finds.  This weekend there is a city-wide garage sale so I think I’ll check it out to see if I find anything of interest. You know I’ll share the details if I do.


  1. Very nice! I love stopping by your place lots of little things to see that you work on and enjoying the end result is plain fun.

  2. Thanks, Comeca! I enjoy sharing my finds and projects so I'm glad to hear you like them.


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