Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Powering Off

Recently while perusing Target’s aisles I cam across a Remote Control surge strip by Practecol. It claims that you will save $84/year by turning off devices that use a lot of standby power such as TVs, computers and home entertainment setups.  I tossed it into my cart for the tune of $19.99.

powerstrip3_athomewithh You simply plug in two devices that need continuous power into the ALWAYS ON outlets and plug devices that do not need continuous power into the six REMOTE CONTROLLED outlets. Easy enough.

I took the pieces out of the box and began setting things up.

powerstrip2_athomewithh I decided to plug my wireless router and modem into the two outlets that would always be on and the computer, computer monitor and speakers into three of the outlets that are controlled by the remote.  My current power strip is hidden behind the computer tower:

powerstrip_athomewithhSide note: Months ago I installed a cheap white shelf above the tower so that I could place my router and modem out of sight (they used to reside on top of my desk) behind the recycle bin:

stayon_athomewithh Once I removed the shelf and these two components I simply powered everything down, unplugged everything from the old strip and re plugged them into the new strip.

newstripon_athomewithhWhen I’m finished on the computer I simply power down and then press the OFF button on the remote control. This turns off the monitor, computer and speakers while keeping the modem and router turned on.

Works like a charm.

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