Monday, June 6, 2011

Reforming Rust

I mentioned that I was torn about painting the front porch cement slab black.  I figured it would hide the rust easier. Rust – what rust? 

rustsquares_athomewithh rustsquares2_athomewithh Those rust spots. Apparently my porch used to have metal railing that old owners removed. Small squares of rusted metal were left all along the front and sides of the porch.  Before I painted the porch two years ago I sprayed these spots with a clear coat thinking that would keep the rust at bay.  It didn’t. The rust is even visible on the front of the slab as shown in the pics above.  Gross.

I found something called Rust Reformer by Rust-Oleum that I decided to try.  It claims it ‘stops rust’ and ‘instantly converts rust to a protected, paintable surface.’ The downside is that it is black and I wasn’t sure how easily I could paint over it with my beige patio paint.

I sprayed the spots with the Rust Reformer and was left with this:

rustreformer_athomewithh The next step is to repaint the front porch (once I power wash it again).  I’m still debating the black vs. beige paint so h0pefully I’ll land on something soon.

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