Friday, June 3, 2011

Small Yard Fixes

This past weekend I spent a fair amount of time outside making small updates to the yard. First up – I transplanted some of my ground cover in front of the rain barrel and bought a cheap hose that I cut down for the overflow.  I still need to level the rain barrel better but it has too much water in it for me to do that right now so instead I drilled some tiny holes to help drain the lid of any standing water.


Remember the dead bush in the front flowerbed?


I dug it up and replaced it with a new bush ($10 – half price). Of course the new one is much smaller but give it time – it will catch up to the others.  Speaking of the others, they are in need of a trim…badly.

newbush_athomewithh The last thing I did was fix the evergreen on the other side of the front porch. One of the branches droops and won’t stand up straight – I blame the heavy, wet snow we had this winter. After one of our storms, the branch just never stood up correctly again.

evergreen_athomewithh I used some flexible garden tie (purchased in the Target $1 bin section this spring) to wrap the branch to the base of the tree….


flexgardentie2_athomewithh …and then the tree to the water hose hook to pull it back so it stood a little straighter (I moved the hose to the metal bucket I previously used to plant tomatoes in since the hook made kinks in my hose).

flexgardentie3_athomewithh The tree looks like an actual tree again!

evergreen__after_athomewithh evergreen_after2_athomewithhThe front of the house looks much better with the fixed tree and the dead bush removed from the flowerbed! Now I just need to figure out what to do with the porch…

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