Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Strike a Match

I’m a fan of candles…especially soy candles that burn more cleanly, so I keep matches on hand so that I can quickly light them when the mood strikes. I prefer kitchen matches that come in the large boxes but match boxes aren’t that pretty to look at. I was excited when I saw a project on House*Tweaking for just this problem.

I had the perfect sugar jar lying around to use. I simply cut a portion of the striking pad from the match box, taped it to the bottom of the sugar jar with double-sided tape…

stikepad_athomewithh …and filled the jar with matches. I love these green-tipped ones – they are Greenlight matches from Diamond, meaning that they are sourced from responsibly managed Aspen forests of Minnesota. They comply with strict socioeconomic and environmental standards of selective cutting regulations and land management.


I keep the jar on the round tray on my coffee table for easy access. It doesn’t hurt that the green ties into the room’s colors perfectly. :)

livingroom_tray_athomewithh traycloseup_athomewithh I didn’t go to the extra steps of tying twine around the top and covering the bottom with fabric since no one will really use these but me and I think it is pretty just the way it is.


  1. Ohh I love everything on the little tray its so simple.The little green matches are the cutest.


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