Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trading Places

When I bought my new wool rug for the living room I debated getting rid of the old living room rug since it had some pulls from Sami’s nails. 


I decided that I wanted a rug in the basement for extra padding while doing crunches on the floor (you know, when I actually decide to do them) and to define the seating space in the basement so I figured why not just move it there for now. I moved the rug down there back in March but forgot all about posting until today when I was organizing pictures. Oops!

basementrug_athomewithh basementrug2_athomewithh A beige rug on a beige patterned Berber carpet isn’t that exciting but I like that it defines the space and adds a lot of cushion to my tush when I’m lying on the floor…and really the comfort of my tush is my top priority these days.  Cost: free!


  1. So nice! Im still lovin the white paint for the coffee table and chair.

  2. I love rugs :)
    I'm thinking it would look really cute trimmed in black grosgrain...would make it pop a bit more...just a thought :)


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