Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It All Started with a Tray

I found this great storage tray from Target on clearance for $6. I thought I might use it in the basement to hold my craft supplies but since I’ve been making some updates in the office lately I realized it would be a great place to store all of the power cords for my electronics.  They used to hide in this gorgeous blue lacquer box on my office shelves but it quickly ran out of space as I bought more toys.

oldstorage_athomewithh New tray:

storagetray_athomewithh I decided to make labels using my Dymo label maker (love that thing):

makinglabels_athomewithh And here’s the final tray:

withlabels_athomewithh Of course that isn’t the end of this tale…the new tray was just the beginning. I realized I needed somewhere to put the tray so it was out of the way but easily accessible and my eyes wandered over to the office closet. This black hole had seen better days:

officecloset_before__athomewithh So I quickly set out to clean and organize the closet. I tossed a lot, moved some things to the basement where they belong and rearranged others. I finally ended up with a clean, respectable closet.

officecloset_after_athomewithh Do you see the new tray? Here’s a hint:


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